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In 1947, Teruo Togashi founded Club Shoyu and created the unique recipe for this Hawaii product. Since then Club Shoyu has been a staple of Big Island markets, stores, hotels, and homes.

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Exclusively found at your local KTA Super Stores.

Club Shoyu – 1 Gallon

Crafted to perfection, Club Shoyu is a full-bodied soy sauce that infuses every dish with a delightful burst of flavor. Whether you’re a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast, our sauce is the perfect companion in your kitchen.

Unleash your creativity and explore a world of possibilities with Club Shoyu. Use it as a marinade to elevate the taste of your favorite meats or add depth to your stir-fries. It’s an excellent choice for sukiyaki, steaks, chops, barbecue meat, chop sui, stew, fried and steamed fish, gravy, roast, spare ribs, and salads.

Are you a sushi or sashimi lover? Look no further! Club Shoyu is the ideal condiment to complement these delicate and exquisite dishes. With its harmonious balance of flavors, it adds a touch of perfection to every bite.

“… This is absolutely my favourite shoyu. Created in my home town, we use it in all of our marinades at Tin Roof…”